Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Garlic Leeks

After the snow melted and the spring rains came we saw a handful of garlic stragglers missed during the previous harvest. We let them grow to about12 inches and pulled them out to inspect. The bulb had self divided and each mushy clove had a strong, thick leek-like stalk growing out of it. Never one to waste anything I decided to try and eat it.

First I chopped off the mushy clove and roots. Then I easily peeled off the outer layer down to a clean layer. I cut off about 8 inches of coarse leaves. This left a 5-inch juicy looking stem that I chopped and used in a sauté which was absolutely fabulous!

I was able to use the remainders, as well. I removed the mushy cloves and popped them into the compost. I washed the coarse leaves and soaked and rinsed the roots. These went into my freezer container for future soups.