Friday, April 3, 2015

Horseradish Condiment

                                                  Fresh Horseradish

                                       Finished Horseradish condiment

Every Spring I like to share my horseradish condiment video. I make it for Passover using a fresh hunk of horseradish and my own kombucha vinegar. It's easy to make and is good on meat, beans, fish, and salad.

I use a food processor to grind the horseradish. If you try it, please remember not to open the food processor right away. Wait at least 15 minutes before opening as the pungent fragrance from the fresh ground horseradish causes eyes to water and sinuses to burn. Eating the condiment in small amounts is a good (and safe) way to clear the sinuses.

Click here for Horseradish Video