Water Kefir

Water Kefir Recipe

Ready for use in 2 days

Water Kefir Culture

Glass quart jar
Paper towel or cloth
Rubber band

Day 1

• Fill a quart jar with water leaving 2 inches of space at the top of the jar
• Add 2 tablespoons sugar, stirring to dissolve
• Add 20 raisins
• Add a slice of lemon
• Add water kefir culture into the quart jar
• Cover with paper towel or cloth and secure with a rubber band

Day 2

• When raisins float to the top, around 24 hours later, use a nonmetal spoon to remove raisins and lemon and discard them
• Re-cover the water kefir drink with the paper towel or cloth and rubber band and ferment for 6 more hours on the counter
• Cap and store water kefir drink (along with cultures settled at the bottom) in the refrigerator and use as needed taking care not to pour water kefir cultures out of the jar. They will easily just sit on the bottom until you make your next batch
• Water Kefir drink is now ready to use for Boosted Brown Rice Starter

Replenishing Your Batch

• When you have used the water kefir liquid down to about an inch in the jar (with cultures still sitting on the bottom) begin a new batch in a new jar adding fresh water, sugar, raisins, and lemon
• Then pour the remaining water kefir drink and water kefir culture into the new jar
• Cover and ferment as above for Day 2

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