Saturday, June 11, 2011

Late Spring Lentil Stew using what grows in Late Spring!

I like to make lentil stew in the late spring and summer because it's a light but nutritionally potent meal. I often serve it marinated and room temperature. This week I was able to use vegetables entirely from the garden for the stew.

I soaked 4 cups of green lentils for 24 hours. They were beginning to sprout by then. I used a pile of radish greens from the radish crop, some hefty Walking Onions and a clump of Green Garlic which is garlic grown for it's stalks, flower stalks and flowers rather than the bulb. Some parts of the Walking Onions and Green Garlic were too tough or unsuitable to use for the stew so they went in to the freezer for the first fall soupstocks.

When the stew was finished I froze some of it for future summer meals. I marinated the rest of it with lemon juice and Kombucha vinegar which is kombucha tea that has matured into the vinegar stage. The kombucha tea was made with lemon balm from my garden.

Green Lentils soaked for 24 hours, starting to sprout


Radish Greens


Green Garlic & Walking Onions


Walking Onions leaves and bulbs chopped


Green Garlic bulbs chopped


Finished Cooking - Ready to eat, freeze or marinate in Kombucha Vinegar


Tough Green Garlic leaves to be frozen for soupstock in the Fall


Green Garlic & Walking Onion roots and necks to be frozen for soupstock in Fall


Julia said...

Good Morning Sharon,

What do you mean by "marinate"? We often eat lentils. I have some sprouting for stew tonight. But I have no idea how you marinate cooked lentil stew.

I so appreciate your posts and look forward to each new one. Thank you!

Gluten Free Sourdough Baker said...

Good Morning Julia,
I "marinate" cooked lentils by adding different ingredients to them and letting them sit for a while, 1-24 hours. To this Late Spring Lentil Stew I added olive oil, fresh lemon juice, and kombucha vinegar. I also chopped up some fresh cilantro and mixed that in. Sometimes I'll add lime along with or instead of lemon. If I don't have kombucha vinegar I'll use water kefir.

You could add any herbs or spices you like, ground pepper, fresh basil or thyme, fresh dill. You could add any oil and vinegar you have handy. If you make your own salad dressing you could use that or store bought. Just a dash or two in the lentils is all that is needed.

This type of marinating makes the lentils nice to eat at room temp in a heat wave.

Good luck and thanks for your kind words about my posts!