Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Saving Veggie Trimmings, Boosting Nutrition & Wasting Nothing!

    Remember, now is the time to freeze your veggie trimmings for fall and winter soupstocks. As you harvest from your garden or bring home your CSA share or bring home fresh produce from the market, save all those peelings, tops, ends, seeds, outer leaves, tough leaves and overgrown beans. If it is not spoiled, it's good for soup! Use as much of the veggies as possible and waste as little as possible.

    The gelatin in those slow cooked meat/bone soups is excellent for rebuilding digestion, healing joints and strengthening the immune system. Adding the frozen veggie trimmings to the soups boosts the nutritive value of your soup stocks. Also, those oversized squashes that hide under the leaves are excellent grated and frozen and then added to winter bean pots.

Check out the frozen veggie photos:

Carrot Greens

Grated Summer Squash

Radish Greens

Garlic Scapes


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