Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Post Dental Surgery Food

I recently had some dental surgery and planned in advance to make sure I would have some good meals for the days following the surgery. I had to eat very soft food for at least two days. I was able to use some of the contents of my freezer to put together an excellent soup:

-chicken stock
-rice congee
-lentil stew

I also added some fresh summer squash to the pot.
I simmered everything together, let it cool, and then spooned out the solids into the blender.
I whirred it all in the blender and had a nutrient dense, soft, mushy soup that lasted me the two days until I could chew again.
I also put the stock in a separate jar because I felt sure I might need a potent but liquid pick-me-up at some time, which I did.

Since I couldn't have any hard nuts or seeds for a week, for breakfast, I mixed almond butter into my cooked amaranth.

And for snack I had a slice of my gluten-free sourdough Teff Coconut bread toasted and steeped in a bowl of almond milk to turn it into a mushy pudding. It was really quite good!

With a little preparation I was able to eat just as well post surgery as I do everyday.

Here are the photos during preparation:

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