Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lacto-Fermentation Class

Photo Essay from my Lacto-Fermentation Class

Lacto-Fermentation is an ancient fermenting technique that helps repair a stressed digestion and helps maintain a healthy one! It's easy and economical. Now is an excellent time to make sauerkraut from newly harvested cabbages.

Laura Davis, from Long Life Farm & CSA in Hopkinton, Mass, asked me if I would be willing to offer a fermentation class to her CSA shareholders. I happily accepted for many reasons, one being that I wanted to see how my commercial kitchen would transform into a teaching kitchen.

It transformed beautifully, holding 11 participants! We made sauerkraut and kim chi. Check out the photos:

Here's Laura!

Here's the kitchen transformed:

Here are the students diligently pressing cabbage into jars:

Here's the Low Salt Sauerkraut I made a few weeks before class:

And the kim chi I made...too hot for me!!!

Now, about a month later, people are opening and enjoying the fruits of our labors.
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