Monday, September 29, 2014

Sinus Congestion Buster

Grapefruit Peel Tea for Sinus Congestion Buster

Every August I do battle with allergies and subsequent sinus infections, which are the remaining health challenges I have after finally recovering from 2 decades of ill health.

These days, I have so many less allergies and sinus days than I used to. However, this summer really seems to be a whopper. After all the rains and many cool nights we've had, the flowers are really magnificent; oversized and intoxicatingly aromatic. The ragweed is as robust as I've ever seen it. Consequently, the pollen is way up there.

I used to have many bad allergy/sinus days in a season but now that I'm healthier I may have 5-10 days in an entire summer. That said, I've been feeling really challenged the last 2 weeks, so much so, that I made a pot of the summer! Also, I usually buy organic lemons for kombucha or water kefir congestion busters but alas, there were none, so I bought organic grapefruit.

I actually consumed an entire enormous grapefruit in one sitting, something I rarely do. I was happy to feel my head begin to clear. When I peeled the grapefruit I admired the thick fragrant peel and the soft, cushy pith within. I didn't have the heart to toss the peels in the compost without knowing they couldn't be used for something. I hopped on the internet and found that boiling the peels into tea was excellent for sinus congestion! They said it might be very bitter but I happen to like bitter.

I sliced up some peel and made some grapefruit peel tea right away!
I drank it and felt even more clearing happen. It was bitter but very palatable. Certainly, honey could be added to balance the bitter.

The next morning I felt a lot better and had more energy. I drank some of the leftover tea in the pot and found it to be even more potent without any extra bitterness.

The Recipe:
slice up pieces of organic grapefruit peel (what you don't use right away can be stored in the freezer for future tea)
3 cups of water in a saucepan
1 large handful of chopped peel

Bring to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes.

Note: I froze a bunch of chopped peels for the future when grapefruits are not in season.

Don't you love finding a new remedy that is safe, effective, economical and sustainable?

Remember, many foods and food prep techniques can be used as medicine. Check out my Intestinal Recovery Book and Video Club for lots of great Food As Medicine recipes.

Here's a comment from one of my readers:
Hi Sharon
I just wanted to send you a quick but large THANK U :)  When I received your last newsletter I was suffering with a sinus and chest infection, and was avoiding taking any pharmaceuticals.  Having been a Systemic Candida person my gut bacteria is far too precious to me for that!

I did exactly as you advised.  I sent my husband down the garden to retrieve some grapefruits and "set-too" making my concoction.  BRILLIANT!  It eased both my sinus and my chest and probably gave my immune system some much needed vitamin C.

I'd also like to say "Congratulations" on creating such a successful business that helps and encourages so many individuals. 

Kindest Regards and Big Hugs
J.T., N.Z. 9/30/2014

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